VINCI Energies promotes InnoDays

As a technological accelerator for energy transition and digital transformation, between the 13th, 14th and 15th of February, VINCI Energies promoted the #InnoDaysVE in Brazil.

Within an ecosystem driven by innovation, two themes were presented in round tables, the first was to do with the paths for promoting innovation, where some of VINCI Energies’ cases were presented, and the second was about the trends and needs of the country’s energy and infrastructure sectors; in attendance were guests from the Minas Gerais Government, the World Bank and Radar PPP, as well as VINCI Energies Brazil CEO Dominique Ferreira.

The initiative sought promoting a culture of innovation – which is prevalent in VINCI Energies’ DNA – and propitiating a creative, sustainable moment in the generation of infrastructure projects that will lay the foundations for Brazil’s growth and competitiveness. The project comes as part of a series of VINCI Energies investments in Brazil.

In addition to presenting the cases, L’Atelier was inaugurated as a space for divulging innovation and installed in Contagem. L’Atelier also features a “living lab”, which showcases and allows for the development of solutions, especially in terms of intelligent lighting, mobility, smart grid, industry 4.0, safety and monitoring and asset management.

Another VINCI Energies Brazil initiative is the Omexom Institute, a training center whose aim it is to inspire people to turn their ideas into realities.

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