VINCI Energies: Meeting for the Environment

The Meeting was held on the World Environment Day to reinforce the environmental goals of VINCI Energies in Brazil

On June 5th, World Environment Day, the VINCI Energies Brazil Environment Meeting was held through a live using Microsoft Teams. The meeting was composed of members of the leadership in Brazil and had over 100 participants. The meeting was conducted by Jean-Michel Lang, CEO of VINCI Energies Brasil, Ádel Hamdan, Perimeter Director and Environmental Sponsor, Gabriela Assis, Environmental Analyst, and Julie Cransac, Cross-functional Projects Manager. We were also honored to have the participation of Thierry Mouton, General Director and Environmental Sponsor of VINCI Energies International and Systems and Bouchaib Elam, Sustainability Director of the same division.

VINCI Energies Brazil has strong objectives to be achieved by 2030. Our goals are to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%, reduce water consumption by 40%, treat 100% of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated, and recycle or apply new technologies to dispose of 80% of non-hazardous waste by the year 2030. To better orient the actions we must conduct, the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 5% annually was established.

The actions to achieve our goals will be organized around six pillars: Raise Awareness, Enhance Conscious Consumption, Treat Waste, Engage, Monitor and Communicate. Through this organization, each Business Unit will implement actions, measure impacts and make adjustments to ensure the efficiency of the action plan.

In addition to the responsibility of the company’s Business Unit Managers, environmental ambassadors are being defined. They will conduct the analysis of the results of the measures adopted, hold monthly meetings in each unit and share good sustainability practices. The first meeting with the ambassadors will take place in July.

We are convinced that all the objectives for the environment are within our reach. In order to achieve all our goals, we must rely on the capacity of our leaders to act and make decisions, integrating environmental aspects into the lives of each employee.

Together, we promote green growth!

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