A VINCI Energies vem há muito tempo abordando as questões da responsabilidade social das empresas, o respeito pelos direitos humanos e a compliance.

VINCI Energies has long addressed the issues of corporate social responsibility, respect for human rights and compliance, with a special focus on combating corruption. Following the guidelines rolled out by the VINCI Group, VINCI Energies strives to be in the forefront of the endeavour to tighten national and international standards.

At VINCI Energies, ethics and corporate social responsibility are core values. They form the cornerstone of the Group’s business model and entrepreneurial approach and underpin the exacting trust and fairness standards that its business units apply in their relations with customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

VINCI Energies employees in turn apply these principles in their conduct. To guide their activities, they notably use two tools developed by VINCI.


Two Group-wide guidelines

The VINCI Code of Ethics and Conduct, adopted in 2010, sets out the rules applying to all Group companies and employees. It is supplemented by an Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, which is used to carry out training in these areas.

In addition, the Manifesto adopted in 2012 presents VINCI’s main sustainable development guidelines. The document lists eight major principles that describe the Group’s commitments to all its stakeholders. One, entitled “Together! Comply with ethical principles”, reiterates that ethical behaviour is key to the Group’s contracts and customer relations and that Group companies must apply the Code of Ethics and Conduct throughout the world. It reiterates the Group’s commitment to total transparency in its own practices and in those of its subcontractors.

Continuous improvement

Given increasing stakeholder requirements and tighter legal obligations applying to companies, it is vital for VINCI Energies and the entire Group to steer an unwavering course in business ethics and compliance. VINCI Energies will continue the endeavour in which it has been engaged for a long time now, and will make it part of a continuous improvement process. This programme is now coordinated at VINCI Group level by a dedicated department reporting to top management.

“The Human Rights Guide is an invaluable part of the continuous improvement programme applying to our managerial practices in all the countries where we operate.”

Patrick Lebrun, Executive Vice-President and Company Secretary of VINCI Energies

The Code of Ethics and Conduct

Issued by the Group in 2010, the Code of Ethics and Conduct was updated in 2017, notably to bring it into line with the French transparency, anti-corruption and economic modernisation law (the “Sapin 2” law) of December 2016.



The Human Rights Guide

The purpose of the Human Rights Guide, which was circulated in 2017 and posted on the VINCI website, is to identify the main areas in which VINCI’s activities may have a significant impact on human rights and to define a core set of guidelines to be followed by all entities across all business activities and locations. The guide has been broadly disseminated throughout VINCI Energies business units and serves as input to their corporate social responsibility programmes.