The future is now

More intelligent, more mobile, more connected, and more sustainable: The world evolves every day. VINCI Energies carries out numerous projects that contribute to improving everyday life and to shaping the world of tomorrow.

Towards a smarter city

More responsibility, connected, and intelligent… The advances to shape the city of tomorrow are being constructed now.


The city of tomorrow will be ultra-connected, ecological, and intelligent.… These advances are not so far off and are already being put in place today.

Towards a smarter industry

The industrial sector is starting its transformation to Industry 4.0. By integrating the internet into manufacturing proce...


The factory of the future is connected! Modern, making use of ICT, it is fundamentally altering manufacturing processes.

Towards controlled energy

How can we manage energy production and use it more responsibly?


Without a reliable means of generating energy, our society could not function. Added to this major issue is the necessity of controlling consumption to achieve greater energy efficiency. How is energy generated and managed? What smart means are used?

Towards a Connected World

The internet, smartphones ... we cannot do without them! Discover how we help you stay connected.


For the world in which we live to be constantly more connected, specialized infrastructures are needed. VINCI Energies business units are participating in their implementation: 4G networks, deployment of cloud computing and optical fiber, discover the day-to-day functioning of these innovations and learn more about the Group’s operations in this field!

Towards greater mobility

Cleaner, safer and more innovative transportation solutions bring residents closer to the city and remove the barrier of d...


Safer, cleaner, and more innovative – the transportation solutions of tomorrow are already being developed today. From tramways to electric cars through the securing and optimizing of road infrastructures, VINCI Energies actively supports your daily mobility needs.

Towards a sustainable world

Do you how renewable energies are integrated into your daily life and how they contribute towards a sustainable world?


Wind farms, solar farms, and biomass plants are now an integral part of the Group's activities. Discover in this section how these renewable energies are produced and our actions in these fields to reduce energy consumption.

VINCI Manifesto

A global player in the concessions and construction activities, VINCI develops, finances, builds and operates infrastructu...

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