SISNERGY: Real-time data reliability and Performance

SISNERGY: We are one of the largests IEC 61850 networks in the world with more than 1400 IEDs installed.

Energy Automation

With more than 20 years of market and hundreds of systems installed in several segments, Sisnergy is a robust and reliable platform/solution that offers a complete line for automation and protection of electrical systems. Sisnergy enables the total integration between the electrical and industrial system, maintaining interoperability with IED ´ s from several manufacturers with different protocols. It is also possible to connect Sisnergy to expert systems, both locally and remotely (control centers, COD ´ s and COS ´ s).

SISNERGY provides a sophisticated technology for automation of the entire energy conversion chain, ranging from generation to transmission and distribution to the final consumer. This structure also allows adaptations in the electrical networks for future demands for modernization, as well as for new developments.

Towards the future and Industry 4.0

  •  Storage of historical data of the electrical system and assets of the substation, enabling Big data applications;
  • Support local sensing, such as temperature monitoring in electrical panels;
  • Support for cloud storage, providing data security and history;
  •  Optimizes the operation of your plant through augmented reality resources and computational intelligence.

Reduced cost architecture

  • System licensing;
  • Integrates electrical equipment directly into the process control and supervision system, not requiring electrical SCADA;
  • Direct Interface with supervisory market for locally controlled substations but with reduced cost of licensing;
  • Fast modelling using its own configurator, reducing parameterization time;
  •  Independent of external software.


•Support for distributed and redundant systems;
• Support to various communication protocols: Modbus, DNP3, IEC 101/104, IEC61850, OPC, etc;
• Enables the integration of new equipment into existing systems;
• Allows to integrate protection relays from any manufacturer, including on the same network;
• Integration with energy concessionaires and service to the network procedures of the ONS;
• Modular Software that allows easy expansion and addition of new functionalities;
• Optimization of maintenance through notification of events via SMS and Email;
• Support for SOE (sequency of Events) allowing accurate diagnosis of faults and failures;
• Online recovery of Comtrade oscillography files and availability via Web.

Key Benefits

  • Protects your investment by integrating your legacy equipment with new technologies including IEC61850;
  • Sisnergy is a truly interoperable platform, i.e. independent of any manufacturer;
  • Recovers and manages maintenance data such as record of absences and oscillography files;
  • Robust and versatile platform with advanced redundancy capabilities;
  • Data reliability and system stability are prerogatives to reduce maintenance costs and to allow Sisnergy to perform electrical automation digitized in a non-assisted manner.