Omexom is set to take solar energy to a river-dwelling community in inland Pará

The initiative foresees the installation of photovoltaic systems in houses and schools in the vicinity of the Tucuruí hydroelectric power plant, attending to some 1,353 families.

VINCI Energies group Omexom operates throughout the entire power value chain, from generation to usage, and it will be providing the photovoltaic solution for Pará-based distributor Celpa’s Ilhas do Tucuruí (Islands of Tucuruí) project. The project’s duration will be 24 months – starting in January 2019 – and it foresees the construction and installation of 1,361 photovoltaic systems that will attend to families, community centers and schools in the area.

“In addition to being clean and renewable, solar energy is readily accessible in the region and does not need to be transported. Each system is capable of generating 45 kWh/month of power, which is enough for powering lighting and appliances like refrigerators, televisions, etc.”, says Omexom Head of Solar Business and project manager Eduardo da Matta.

In total, Omexom will install 1,361 solar systems in homes, public schools, community centers and healthcare posts in the region, at a total installed power of 1.8 MWp.

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