Nextram: the tram at your reach

Driving an electric vehicle – it’s environmentally friendly, but you have to recharge it to drive!

VINCI Energies participates in tramway development


Once the infrastructure is in place, equipment to provide electricity is installed to be able to power the trams, as in Rabat and Casablanca in Morocco. The operation consists in deploying overhead contact lines (LAC) carrying a continuous current of 750 or 1,500 volts, and to connect them to electrical substations which in turn connect to the EDF electrical grid.

In Brazil, VINCI Energies, through the Actemium brand, has already supplied electrical substations at 750VDC and 3000VDC for Metrorailway customers in Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro.

VINCI Energies has also developed a unique system to permit tramways to consume less electricity by recuperating energy generated by braking.

Nextram: the tram at your reach
VINCI Energies is part of the consortium that is developing Nextram, a turnkey offer for the construction of rails and supply of trams. More economical to install than a conventional tram, it allows medium-sized cities to equip with sustainable transportation