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10 JAN 2019

News Omexom is set to take solar energy to a river-dwelling community in inland Pará

The initiative foresees the installation of photovoltaic systems in houses and schools in the vicinity of the Tucuruí hydroelectric power plant, attending to some 1,353 families.

17 DEC 2018

News FACES: Monitoring and Optimization of Transmission Assets

Monitoring and optimization of transmission assets by means of a Fault Analysis Classifying Expert System

27 NOV 2018

News Actemium signs a new contract with Petrobras

Actemium signs a new service provision contract for the construction and assembly of industrial electrical facilities for the production of oil and natural gas in the Mossoró Asset

23 NOV 2018

News Actemium provides Solutions in Brushed Stainless-Steel Sheets

In addition to the conventional electrical panels, the company produces brushed stainless-steel sheets

22 NOV 2018

News Actemium successfully concludes the revitalization services with UMS in the P-55 Platform

The interventions carried out by Actemium will allow for the P-55 Platform to continue producing oil and gas safely for many years

20 OCT 2018

News Omexom signs a contract for the Automation of 14 Enel Green Power Hydroelectric Power Plants

The control and automation systems of all 44 Generating Units involved in the project will be modernized with the objective of making the plants more independent and operationally efficient.