New contract with Petrobras – Platforms P-55 and P-62

The contract, which was entered into between Actemium and Petrobras, foresees the refurbishment of production platforms P-55 and P-62, and uses UMS (Units for Maintenance and Safety).

Actemium Óleo e Gás signs a Construction and Assembly contract for interventions with UMS in Petrobras’ Platforms P-55 and P-62

The manufacturing of approximately 130 tons of piping and structures is foreseen, in addition to engineering and laser scanning services, the replacement and assembly of more than 350 tons of piping and metallic structures, the opening of ducts, filters and tanks, as well as 65 thousand m² of high-performance industrial paint and coating. The services were started in June by the Actemium Manutenção Offshore team. In total, more than 600 direct and indirect jobs will be generated before February 2020.

Revitalization services with UMS

The objective of the revitalization with UMS campaigns is to attend to the Program for the Increase of the Campos Basin (Proef) Operational Efficiency. To this end, actions were carried out aimed at guaranteeing the integrity of the maritime production units, such as replacing piping and metallic structures, cleaning and repairing tanks and painting platforms. In this way, the units operating in the Campos Basin are able to continue producing oil and gas safely and for many years, beyond the time foreseen in the original project, which means making the most of the reservoir’s potential.


Platforms P-55 and P-62 are located in modules 3 and 4 of the Roncador field, in the Campos basin. The Roncador field is located to the north of the Campos basin, some 125 km from the Coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, at a depth of between 1,500 and 1,900 m. Its area comprises 397.6 km² and has the state of Espírito Santo to the North, the Frade field to the west and the Albacora and Albacora Leste fields to the south.  It comprises production platforms P-52, P-54, P-55 and P-62.


The platforms are located in the Campos basin and fall within the assets of UO-RIO (Operational Unit for Exploitation and Production in Rio de Janeiro) – Petrobras.


The P-55 platform was planned to process 180 thousand barrels of oil per day, compressing 6 million m³ of natural gas and injecting 290 thousand barrels of water per day. P-55 is installed in a location where the depth is 1,800, it weighs 52 thousand tons, its area is 10 thousand m², and it is the largest semi-submersible platform built in Brazil, as well as one of the largest of its kind in the world.


The unit is FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) type, and it is capable of processing 180 thousand barrels of oil and approximately 6 million cubic meters of natural gas. The platform exports oil by means of offloading vessels, and the natural gas flow is carried out by means of a gas duct connected between the platform and the Campos basin gas outflow.


Actemium Manutenção Offshore has a site in the city of Macaé/RJ, which is located 182 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, and it is known as the Nation’s Petroleum Capital. It has the capacity for producing approximately 50 tons per month, the operational base has a 20-ton crane, an area for hydrostatic testing, an area for machining and Plasma Cutting equipment and equipment for transferring cargo and technical/administrative personnel, including engineers, technical staff and professionals that are highly trained to offer solutions to offshore construction and assembly services.


Actemium Manutenção Offshore performs construction and assembly services for operational maritime platforms P-40, P-51 and P-56, located in the Marlim Sul production field, P-43 and P-48, located in the Barracuda and Caratinga fields, and P-53, located in the Marlim Leste field.

The team boasts more than 800 professionals, and they have already manufactured and installed over 800 tons of piping and metallic structures, 100 thousand m² of industrial paint and high-performance coating, in addition to engineering and laser scanning services and the opening of ducts, tanks, filters and access services.

From among the building works carried out, we would like to highlight the manufacture of the WHRU (Waste Heater Recovery Unit) ducts in platform P-40, the Gang-way base for platforms P-56 and P-53, the installation of the trolleys in platform P-48 and the Deck of P-51, as well as the paint for the heliports in platforms P-48 and P-51.

Operating in the Oil and Gas segment for more than 50 years

Actemium seeks innovating and better serving its clients by adding value to its businesses, promoting synergies between the different departments and offering comprehensive solutions for the industry. The company has been operating in the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years and supports its clients throughout the life cycle of its projects. Our international network of specialists encompasses more than 4,000 engineers and technicians specializing in the sector. Thanks to its approach towards safety and its reliable, innovative solutions, Actemium has become well-known in the sector and offers an extensive portfolio of onshore and offshore EPC projects.

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