The magic of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is alive and well at VINCI Energies

Two months ago, VINCI Energies Brasil CEO Dominique Ferreira launched the Innovation Challenge for the company’s collaborators on occasion of the #InnoDays event. During that period, the managers and their teams gathered to brainstorm.

The business unit pitches were presented yesterday, and all the innovative projects presented are applicable to the company’s activities and geared towards process optimization and competitiveness.

In addition to the Innovation Challenge, the final of the Interns Challenge was carried out. The challenge is a Brazil group program providing participants with the opportunity of developing analytical and technical skills side by side with senior group professionals, in order to effectively put in practice the knowledge acquired at university.

A great deal of research, study, dedication and preparation took place for the projects throughout the five months.

At the opening of the event, Dominique Ferreira reflected that the Intern Challenge brought a different outlook to the organization. “Together with these developing talents, we will be building the company’s future”.

The interns shone at the presentations. In the short time spent in the group, they assimilated and coexisted with our values: Trust – Autonomy – Responsibility – Entrepreneurial Spirit and Solidarity. They managed to capture the attention of all those present with a spring in their step and a mastery of the issues presented.

After presenting all the projects, the management committee met to decide who the winners would be. Winners were foreseen both for technical and non-technical categories, however, given the relevance of the projects presented, they were all winners.

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