Hydroelectric Power Plants

The participation of hydroelectric power plants in the global renewable energy matrix is very expressive. We are talking about 80% of the electricity produced.

A reliable and stable supply of energy for the population and the industrial sector is a fundamental prerequisite for improving the population’s living standards. And this reliability and stability is found in the Hydric energy matrix.

In the case of Brazil, a privileged country by its natural water resources, hydroelectric plants have an even greater presence in the composition of the renewable energy matrix. Approximately 85% of the entire Brazilian renewable energy matrix is composed of hydroelectric power plants.

Participation of VINCI Energies in the Hydro matrix:

Omexom BH has a great track record in the implementation and modernization of hydroelectric power plants. There are 12 hydroelectric plants deployed or modernized totaling approximately 813 MW of power in the Brazilian renewable energy matrix!