FACES: Specialized system of classification and analysis of faults

The monitoring and optimization of assets that allows transmission network operators to ensure the supply of electricity.

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The Brazilian electrical system has more than 130,000 km of transmission lines, which enable the supply of energy to consumers and the transfer of energy between the different regions of the country.

The safety and reliability of these installations are vitally important for the electrical system, which makes the protection systems strategic for their correct operation.

To provide this stability, Omexom introduces the FACES solution, an automatic fault analysis software, which allows a better understanding of the nature of the lack and the precise identification of its location.

Dedicated to transmission system operators, FACES aims to increase the reliability of the transmission network and improve key performance indicators, ensuring shorter interruption times in supply and greater availability of facilities.


  • Collection and automatic analysis of oscillographies in COMTRADE format of digital relays and RDPs;
  • Clear and precise geolocation of faults, assisting in the rapid restoration of the power supply;;
  • Classification and identification of electrical events;
  • Automatic analysis of the behavior of the protection system against disturbances in the electrical system;
  • Detection and analysis of hidden failures, preventing future faults;
  • Independent solution compatible with the vast majority of protection devices currently in operation;
  • Easy installation and configuration of the program through a user-friendly interface;
  • Makes the transmission network increasingly reliable through the analysis of all the events that are in the system.



Reduced time needed to restore energy to an AT network. Thanks to automated real-time analysis of oscillographies, line maintenance teams are mobilized much faster already with accurate event information. FACES prevents spending by reducing the means used to locate and analyse transient or permanent failures;


Prevention of future failures thanks to the thorough analysis of protection systems. FACES evaluates system performance and can issue warnings and recommendations to the distribution network operator showing areas in which it can immediately improve the efficiency and reliability of your network = predictive maintenance;


Following the implementation of FACES, continuous data collection and analysis in real time provides information about the state and performance of the main assets (transmission lines, protection, circuit breakers) and enables a new maintenance policy, as well as the Implementation of the capital and operational expenditures strategy. FACES provides data for asset management.