Energy Efficiency – An Accelerator of Competitiveness

Competitive environments require a competitive performance. Because of this, all efforts to improve energy efficiency are key for fostering industrial performance. It is a highly competitive industrial sector with no shortage of potential challenges.

Energy Efficiency - An Accelerator of Competitiveness

Research conducted by the Rio de Janeiro Federation of Industries (Firjan) showed that among the world’s 27 industrialized countries, the cost of electricity for Brazilian companies ranked the 4th highest on the planet. The country’s industries have suffered the consequences of these high tariffs, as among other issues, investments are lacking, and factory projects are not followed up. It is important to understand that the average age of machinery in Brazilian industry is 17 years, towering above that of Germany, at four years, and the United States, at seven, all of which diminishes Brazil’s competitiveness internationally.

Certain high-consumption industrial sectors would benefit greatly from an energetically efficient approach with savings that could reach up to 30%. This kind of approach may be implemented in a number of ways and with varying scopes depending on needs, maturity and industrial strategy.

The benefits for clients are as follows: operational costs reductions, energy consumption rationalization, power costs reductions, natural resources use reductions, modernization of the facilities installed, an increase in safety in the facilities, greenhouse effect gas emission reductions, environmental impact reductions and improved organizational image.

Actemium and Omexom deliver energy efficiency turnkey solutions focusing on three pillars: Power Consumption, Usage and Costs. The units supply electrical and mechanical retrofit solutions, in addition to distributed automation and generation solutions (500kW to 5MW photovoltaic power stations).

A combination of awareness, innovation and the most efficient equipment result in a more intelligent, energy efficient industry; this is what will drive the industry of the future.


Eficiência Energética

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