Disseminating VINCI Energies’ Safety Values

We work constantly in order to ensure that our employees, including the ones assigned to projects all around Brazil, absorb our Safety culture and apply safe practices and behavior in their activities in all work procedures. In addition, they must understand that our concern for safety goes beyond the Group and be taken in consideration in any personal activity.

The entire amount invested in safety – trainings, lectures, individual and collective protection equipment, tools, documentation, specialized professionals, among others – cannot be compared to the immeasurable importance of a person’s life and physical integrity. Therefore, we persevere every day in safety, a primordial value.

To this end, one of our initiatives was taking a real example of the importance of correctly following safety procedures. The occupational safety officer and electromechanics technician Wesley Almeida, who had already told his story at VINCI Energies in Contagem, visited 3 TL projects (Lot 3, in the state of Goiás and Lots 19 and 26 in Pará) in February. The goal was raising awareness among the employees, sharing experiences the regarding possible consequences of a work accident.

The managers from Omexom followed the lectures in all Lots and were able to reinforce the importance of Safety for all activities and services. Our client Energisa, one of the main private groups of the energy sector in Brazil, attended to all the lectures and supported our initiative, acknowledging the importance we give to safety.

Everyone’s attitude and behavior make a difference and allows us to provide an even safer working environment.

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