Data center: welcome to the data factories

Have you ever wondered how all the digital data you send each day are transferred and where an impressive amount of information is stored? For each of your web searches, for each email you send or for each recording you hear, a request is sent to servers located in data processing centers. What are they and how do they work?

A data processing center is one of the elements necessary for the processing and storage of digital data. Indispensable for the internet, they have undergone a strong development since the emergence of cloud computing. In concrete terms, they consist of a physical location containing computer servers that store digital data, and where companies can rent storage space, thereby eliminating the need for servers in their own premises.

Data Processing Center: Simplifying Computer Management

data-center1Why is this significant? Simply because data processing centers are hypersensitive: they protect data against fire, flood, theft, intrusion, malfunction and power failure, not counting that the data is replicated to avoid the risk of loss in the event of a big problem. Thanks to this decentralization of resources, the management of computer infrastructures is simplified, the equipment does not become obsolete … and data is available at all times!



Energy efficiency in data processing centers

datacenter-covilha1Due to its size and demand for electricity 24 hours a day, data centers are huge energy consumers. Some US data centers consume energy equivalent to cities the size of Strasbourg or Bordeaux in France. To reduce the environmental impact of such equipment as much as possible, energy efficiency becomes an integral aspect of such facilities. VINCI Energies participated in the construction of the data processing center in Covilhã in Portugal, which uses wind and solar energy, as well as free cooling (a storage block cooling system) to limit CO2 emissions.

Axians integrates the various hardware and software components required for the data center and installs copper and fiber optic cables. It also develops tools to optimize bandwidth. Finally, VINCI Facilities guarantees the operation of the buildings and the multi-technical maintenance for this type of installation.