Safety and prevention in the workplace: We strive to achieve Zero Accidents


From the risk of falling to the risks related to electricity or the use of machinery, road hazards and more Each day, the awareness of each employee is essential for the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases. VINCI Energies is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all employees.

Our commitment to workplace safety relies on management support at all levels of the company and involves the intensive monitoring of our Business Units ‘ security reports, as well as a training policy for all employees to raise awareness in safety.

It is essential that everyone work together on this approach, making the concern for safety something natural. Behavior-based safety methods can further reduce the frequency and severity of accidents in the workplace.

Workplace safety: The VINCI Energies approach

In the field, our priority goal of “zero accident” motivated the creation of several action plans:

A program to receive new arrivals to our construction sites;

  • Personalized monitoring of new and temporary collaborators, as well as subcontractors;
  • Awareness to promote compliance in the use of personal protective equipment;
  • Risk assessment, cross-audits;
  • Exclusive training programs at VINCI Energies Academy;
  • Communication programs to inform, establish dialogues and promote the exchange of best practices: Safety Week (event held in all units in the world), SIPAT, security dialogues, campaign towards excellence in safety – look, alert and Share.
  • Vigiroute Plan: Transit is a major risk factor, and a specific prevention policy has had to be created. The Vigiroute plan has been established in all group units in the world to improve drivers ‘ behaviour at the wheel.

An annual event dedicated to workplace safety

Para estimular uma conscientização mais ampla de todos os colaboradores, além de promover o debate e lidar com questões de saúde e segurança no local de trabalho, cada ano a VINCI Energies organiza uma “Semana da Segurança“. Durante essa semana, os colaboradores que trabalham para a VINCI Energies em todas as nossas unidades de negócios, locais de obras e de trabalho se reúnem em pequenos grupos para discutir juntos esse tema comum.

Vinci Innovation Award: To stimulate a broader awareness of all employees, in addition to promoting debate and dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace, each year Vinci awards the brightest ideas of our employees. Among its various categories, there is a security award that recognizes the creation or adaptation of devices that enable the improvement of safety in our sites of works. The company organizes a “Security Week”. During this week, employees working for VINCI Energies in all our Business Units, workplaces and work venues gather in small groups to discuss this common theme together.