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Working at VINCI Energies means contributing to achievements that make life easier and safer while preparing the future.

A “marca registrada” do Grupo VINCI Energies é a paixão.

Passion for our business and our customers; Passion for the success of our employees and our business units; passion for technology; Beware of the details and love for the job well done. We are a large group, with all the possibilities that this involves, to combine competencies and train teams capable of managing complex projects. But we are also a network of business units with a human dimension that perpetuates the tradition of cordiality, the interpersonal Relationships of excellence and the provision of service at local level.

The group currently operates in more than 56 countries, employs 82.500 people and generated a revenue of 13,75 billion Euros in 2019. It is a network of 1.800 business units and generations of entrepreneurs who have joined it to cultivate a unique approach to business, customer service and technical excellence through its brand networks, recognized and differentiated.

In Brazil, VINCI Energies has implemented Actemium brands, entirely dedicated to industry, and Omexom, an exclusive network serving the energy market, from generation to distribution. There are already eight business units located in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Salvador.

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