Omexom starts the cable launching stage in Lot 3 – Goiás

The foundation and assembly activities for the towers are already in the finishing stages in the Lot 3 - Energisa: Goiás - LT 230kV Rio Verde Norte – Jataí project. Ahead of the contract schedule, Omexom is already at the cable laying stage.

During the next 4 months of the building works, a new contingent of more than 200 collaborators will be launching the more than 1,900 km of conductor cables, OPGW and lightning rods in a double circuit across the Transmission line’s 136 km.

Given the favorable meteorological conditions for the time of year in Brazil’s center-west region, we expect our productivity to be optimal.

The company’s Safety-oriented QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment) team is already going full steam ahead in order that the stage is completed with quality and productivity, while in keeping with the zero-accident goal.

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