Assembly of the transmission towers in Lot 26

Thanks to Omexom’s experience in the delivery of Transmission Line projects, this month the company will be reaching the finishing foundation stage in the Lot 3 - Energisa: Pará – LT 230 kV Xinguara II – Santana do Araguaia project.

Omexom has already started the assembly stage for the towers, which was planned for august. There are already 143 guyed towers assembled on the ground awaiting hoisting, in addition to 49 towers installed at the base.

This two-month head start in the building works’ schedule comes as a result of the resolve of the teams, who were fully committed and believed in their ability to carry out the work responsibly but without neglecting quality or efficiency.

In line with the company’s policy of safeguarding the Safety and integrity of its collaborators, at no occurrences throughout the 267 km., the project has managed to achieve its ZERO ACCIDENT goal.

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