Our Business lines

VINCI Energies deploys its fields of expertise in four business lines: infrastructure, industry, service sector and ICT.

As a major player in a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies works at the crossroads of society’s most important issues of today and transport, optimization of industrial processes, improvement of energy performance, and changes in demand in the telecommunications sector, among others. In all these areas, the VINCI Energies Group knows how to combine its different fields of expertise to provide solutions that meet market demands.

Local presence with global support

The group meets companies and public entities, providing, deploying and optimizing solutions for the area of energy, transportation, communication, infrastructures, industrial facilities and buildings. They are multi-site Business Units, which build high-value-added solutions, based on their extensive experience and total familiarity with customer business, integrating the complete project cycle, from engineering to deployment, including Management, operation and maintenance steps.


infraestrutura industria sector-servicos telecomunicacoes


Making energy transition a reality in energy and transport infrastructure.


Contributing to the continuous improvement in industrial performance.

Building Solutions

Making buildings smarter and more sustainable.


Acting at the heart of digital transformation.