Omexom's mission is to fulfill the promise of the energy transition for companies in the production and supply of energy

Omexom: an exclusive network serving the energy market from generation to distribution.

Distributed in 36 countries, Omexom’s 425 business units offer local and global solutions for the generation, transport, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Faced with ongoing transformations in the world of energy, Omexom works with its clients to deliver on the promises of the energy transition.

Omexom draws on its expertise in the fields of electricity and gas to accompany the growth of renewable energies, developing storage solutions, make infrastructures smarter and serve the new patterns of energy consumption.

Our solutions are destined for energy producers, transport-ers and distributers as well as their users in all territories.

As an integrator, Omexom continuously looks for the best technological options and deploys the most suitable solu-tions for its clients’ needs in complete autonomy vis-à-vis its suppliers.


Discover Omexom SISNERGY and FACES solutions

SISNERGY provides a sophisticated technology for automation of the entire energy conversion chain, from generation through transmission and distribution, until reach the final consumer.

FACES: Asset Monitoring and Optimization that allows transmission network operators to ensure the supply of electricity.