Actemium wins the Offshore Maintenance Services Category at the Petrobras Best Suppliers Award 2018

On March 29th, the 2nd edition of the Petrobras Best Suppliers Award took place at the company's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Actemium won in the Offshore Maintenance Services category, due to its provision of outstanding services to Petrobras in 2018.

Dominique Ferreira, CEO of VINCI Energies in Brazil, Raja Lana, Perimeter Director, and Samuel Ferreira, Manager of the Actemium Oil&Gas Offshore business unit, attended the event to receive the award certificate and plaque. Director Raja Lana gave a brief acceptance speech in which she highlighted how Actemium’s positive performance has a direct link to the commitment of its employees:  

“I am extremely pleased that Actemium has received this award. We are proud to be recognized as a leading company in the provision of offshore maintenance services among so many great suppliers. […] In 2018 we showed a lot of hard work and dedication. We organized 6 maintenance shutdowns with zero accidents and 2 maintenance campaigns with flotels, and worked more than 2.5 million hours on 10 offshore platforms. These are very significant numbers, but, as I see it, the most important number is 1,800. This is the approximate number of employees who worked with us during this year. Without them, this achievement would not be possible. […] they are people who share our values and always put safety first.” 

The Petrobras Best Suppliers Award aims at recognizing the good performance of companies in the provision of products and services, evaluating a range of criteria such as quality, meeting deadlines, good management practices, compliance with HSE (Health, Environment and Safety) standards and integrity.     

Actemium Oil and Gas Offshore is located in Macaé-RJ and currently has one thousand six hundred employees engaged in providing services to offshore platforms with excellence. These services include welding, surface preparation & coating, height access, planning, electrical & instrumentation services, and laser scanning.  

Since the start of the partnership with Petrobras UO-RIO (Operational Unit for Exploitation and Production in Rio de Janeiro), Actemium has completed more than ten successful maintenance shutdowns with zero accidents and had the lowest Recordable Incident Rate in 2018 among all companies providing services to UO-RIO, further demonstrating the commitment of the VINCI Energies Group to safety.

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