Actemium is involved in the modernizing and expansion of the Salvador airport

The project will come to an end in two months, after a challenging schedule designed to cater for the steep increase air traffic has undergone in the last ten years

According to the International Air Transport Association, the numbers of passengers is practically expected to double before 2036, with Latin American markets rising by 4.2%, that is to say, approximately 421 million passengers more than there are today.

The pressure exerted over airport infrastructures is even higher on account of the situation in Brazil, as explained by the president of the Brazilian Institute of Aviation Francisco Lyra: “Airplane travel is the only practical, efficient form of transport in this country of continental dimensions.”

Faced with this challenge, and in order to swiftly and ambitiously resolve the constraints of the continental country’s infrastructures, the Brazilian government has opened airport management to private capital.

In this way, in 2017 VINCI Airports was allocated Salvador’s airport concession by the Brazilian National Aviation Agency for thirty years. Shortly thereafter, Actemium was placed in charge of carrying out part of the modernization and expansion of the installations.

A triple mission for Actemium

Together with the companies Teixeira Duarte and Alves Ribeiro, Actemium Transport Solutions has been placed in charge of the modernization and connection of the old passenger terminal to the new one, which is under construction.

Actemium Transport Solutions is in charge of specialized technical installations, including medium and low voltage electrical systems, hydraulic systems (cold water, sewers, firefighting) HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning), electronic systems (access control, CCTV, fire detection and alarm) and air navigation systems (beaconing, vertical signaling and others).

Lastly, the company was placed in charge of the new terminal’s passenger boarding bridges, baggage handling system (BHS), x-ray security equipment, elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks.

At a time that Brazil has opened its airport sector and the enormous potential this entails, it is paramount that the company offers efficient, quality solutions that meet the expectations and standards of an important airport operator in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection.

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