Actemium delivers Substations in e-Houses in a record time for Mosaic

In addition to manufacturing and assembling all the electrical panels, the company produced 180 m2 of e-Houses, the first within 100 days, and the second 140 days from the signing of the contract.

Actemium provided 3 substations for MOSAIC/ FOSPAR, 2 of which in e-Houses.

Actemium developed a special paint procedure to support the aggressive nature of the air present in the plant where the e-Houses were installed. E-House of Area 01 included 40 electrical switchgears, including PA4, CCMs and CM3 medium voltage cubicles, PB4 switchboards, frequency inverters, rectifiers, automation and control and lighting voltage switchboards. As for the one in area 02, it featured 35 electrical switchgears including CCMs, medium-voltage cubicles, inverters, automation, etc. The transformers delivered 5.6 MVA of power installed for both e-Houses, plus a further 3.1 MVA for on-demand equipment.

The e-Houses manufactured have an unobstructed height of over 3.5 meters and were equipped with Self-Contained type pressurizing systems and air conditioning, as well as fire detecting and fire-fighting systems, lighting (including emergency lighting), access control and closed-circuit TV (CCTV). All these systems, coupled with the electrical equipment, mechanical drives, mechanical infrastructure and cabling, demanded the vertical and horizontal moving of enormous weights, some of which were fragile.

10 tractor units and semi-trailers were used to transport the assembled and tested modules, in addition to two convoys for the trailers containing the e-Houses. Additionally, the law prevented the transport of cargo of that size on federal roads during the night, at weekends and on holidays. Due to being a normal road, the São Paulo beltway stretch, in the vicinity of Embu das Artes, was carried out with support from the Federal Highway Police, which made the operation more complex.

In addition to the logistical challenges, space limitations for the insertion of the e-Houses in the plant called for the development of an enormous, custom-made tubular rocker for hoisting.

All the stages were finished successfully and according to schedule by Actemium, showcasing the company’s involvement, engagement and commitment where the client is concerned.

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