VINCI Energies values

VINCI Energies carries in its DNA the human values of solidarity, trust, entrepreneurship, responsibility and autonomy.

Valores VINCI Energies

Our source of inspiration is represented by the values and convictions that constitute our foundation: Security, Confidence, Autonomy, Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Solidarity.

These values are deeply rooted, guiding the service culture and management model of VINCI Energies. They also promote a social and environmental responsability.


Security is an absolute priority and a prerequisite for all actions. The teams of the business units are attentive and ready to act at any time in favor of the most important objective: Zero Accident.

Trust and autonomy

This is the state of mind that pervades work together. Trust is given, deserved and rewarded, being a value, almost a virtue

Each unit elaborates its own development project with its teams. They have total autonomy to perform respecting the group culture.

Responsibility at all organization levels

The success of VINCI Energies is based on the ability of each employee to recognize, assume and put into practice their own ability and responsibility.


VINCI Energies encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and believes in the ability that each one can take initiatives, calculate risks, predict success and go for it.

To transform development into progress, the Group welcomes new competencies, incorporates new techniques, capitalizes diversified approaches, supports collective intelligence and knowledge sharing.


More than a principle, a reality represented by a network work that allows to unite 65,400 employees from different backgrounds, respecting the reality of their markets, making the most of this diversity, sharing resources, knowledge and Activities.

The solidarity is also expressed in the involvement of employees in civil society.