More than 1900 days free of accidents: Actemium’s P-56 Offshore Platform stands out in terms of safety

In May, Actemium reached an important safety milestone: 1940 days of operations free of accidents at the P-56 platform, which is located in the Campos Basin.

Actemium is based in Macaé/RJ and operates within the offshore oil and gas sector, providing maintenance services for several UO-RIO platforms, and it has been present at the P-56 platform since January 2014. This outstanding safety performance is aligned with the values upheld by Actemium and the VINCI Energies Group as a whole, for whom safety throughout all activities is seen as a priority.

During that time, Actemium collaborators have carried out a wide range of complex services on P-56, such as piping and structure manufacture and installation, valve changing, electrical panel installs, module painting, equipment startup and shutdown, supply and assembly of scaffolding, etc. Furthermore, Actemium has participated of planned downtimes, whereby interventions are intensified, and the on-board crew is significantly increased to carry out maintenance services required to ensure the correct functioning of P-56. Being off-shore, oil platforms are challenging work environments where the activities performed are risky, and this means safety is of the utmost importance.

The difference the Actemium team makes on P-56

One of the main reasons for the outstanding safety performance achieved by the Actemium team operating on P-56 is the commitment shown by all involved. According to safety technician Vinícius Silva Pinto, this engagement is routinely showcased through the work carried out both by Actemium’s teams and by those of the client, Petrobras:

“The spirit of commitment, of making safety possible and of comradery shown in their daily coexistence [are the differentiating factors present on P-56]. I consider the P-56 unit to be truly engaged where safety issues are concerned, and that to this end, it provides the means and encourages the entire workforce […] to avoid turning production into the main focus, in detriment of safety.”

Vinícius further comments on the healthy communication that exists between Actemium’s leaders and collaborators, as well as between the company and the client on P-56. Openness when it comes to discussing safety creates an atmosphere of trust that encourages collaborators to act on their perception of risk, one where new safety initiatives are welcomed and where there is an ongoing quest for improvement.  Additionally, also according to Vinícius, “[…] the [Actemium] team does its part in an exemplary manner, following procedures and good practices and interacting with the client in a positive manner.”

Actemium’s safety programs make all the difference

From among the different safety initiatives implemented by Actemium both on P-56 and on the other platforms where it operates, QSMS manager Thiago Lessa and safety technician Lorival dos Santos highlight the “There’s someone waiting for you” campaign (Alguém te Espera, in Portuguese). In the campaign, collaborators working offshore receive a video of their families, the objective being to raise awareness about the importance of following norms and procedures, as well as to remind them that there is always someone waiting to see them happy and healthy once again.

Manager Thiago and safety technician Lorival also highlight the importance of “Safety Week”, a week-long annual VINCI Energies Group event in which collaborators gather to discuss different issues surrounding safety in the workplace, all in aid of fostering safety excellence and achieving the “Zero Accident” goal.

Thiago and Lorival share safety technician Vinícius’ opinion; as they see it, Actemium collaborators on P-56 are highly committed to safety, which represents a key factor for the success of the programs implemented. They further highlight that collaborators aboard P-56 actively participate of the initiatives, remaining alert about hazards in the workplace and committed towards carrying out a detailed planning of the activities, all while exercising a healthy interaction between teams, both offshore and onshore.

Client Petrobras acknowledges the hard work carried out by Actemium collaborators

As a client, Petrobras also acknowledges the good practices in safety exercised by Actemium collaborators on P-56. This month, Petrobras’ contract, maintenance and Marlim Sul asset managers issued a statement praising eight Actemium collaborators for their good conduct in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) while carrying out offshore activities.

The acknowledgement, which was issued by the Actemium Óleo & Gás Offshore board of directors in the form of honorable mention certificates, highlights good practices in safety linked to different activities, including adhering to procedures, providing support and guidance for the teams, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the identification of deviations and unsafe situations in the workplace.

Our ongoing search for improvements in safety

Despite the 1,900 days free of accidents being an important milestone that is worthy of recognition, Actemium believes that the culture of safety is one that should be built on a daily basis, and therefore its team is constantly striving to perfect procedures and raise both collaborator awareness and the level of maturity of the company’s culture of safety.

According to Actemium’s QSMS team, new safety campaigns and programs are being developed, and their implementation is expected before the end of the year. An example of this is the “13 safe life values” program (13 valores de vida de segurança, in Portuguese), whose objective it is to divulge important safety in the workplace behavior to ensure the ongoing improvement and excellence of Actemium’s operational safety, with the involvement of all its collaborators.

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